John Brandi - Poet & Painter
John Brandi - Poet & Painter


The Japanese word haiga can be broken into two syllables. The first, hai, derives from haiku. The second, ga, means painting. Traditionally a haiga consists of a spare ink-brushed sketch and a calligraphed haiku rendered on the same sheet of paper, often mounted on a cloth scroll for display. Haiga emerged as a unique art form in 17th century Japan. Like haiku, it transformed as it spread from continent to continent.
My haiga are rendered in ink, watercolor, and organic pigment on paper. Measuring 16x20" framed, they are surrounded by the unique suminagashi marbling of Tom Leech, master printer at the Press of the Palace of the Governors, Santa Fe. They have been exhibited at the New Mexico History Museum, Santa Fe; at the Roswell Museum and Art Center, Roswell; at the Durango Arts Center, Durango; and at the San Francisco Public Library.

New Mexico History Museum
No Sail No Oar The Year Stands Still
Through White Haze Nameless Mountains Washed With Surf
Look For Me In That Maze Of Canyons That Won't Stop Its Call
After The Rain Mountains Far North Right Here
Evening Cool The Sound Of Ink Brushed Across Paper - SOLD
Now That The Fallen Leaves Have Buried The Path The Trail Is Clear - SOLD
Last Night's Dream... Wrote It With The Wrong End Of The Pencil - SOLD
Not Knowing What To Say He Mails Only The Envelope - SOLD
Swirling Fog First Only The Cliffs Then Only The Sea
Finish A Poem Teapot Nods Its Lid... - SOLD
Without Weeds What Kind Of Garden? - SOLD
Poems Like Stones Standing Still In The River's Middle
All Morning The Kind Of Rain That Makes No Sound
No Backwards No Forwards In The November Rain - SOLD
Evening Star The Widow Takes A Seat Facing The Empty Rocker
Reach The Summit Karma Still With Me - SOLD
Around The Bell Blue Sky Ringing - SOLD
My Neighbor's House Moves A Little Closer This Cold Autumm Night
Cold Morning The Spider's Crystal Legs
Daybreak Pollen Rising From The Unswept Path - SOLD
Silence The Heart Of The Mountain After The Clouds Leave